Monday, November 07, 2011

European Adventures - London

10.12 Wednesday
I get off work on time to give myself some time to pack and relax at the house. I am unable to get to sleep because I am too excited. Finally nod off about 2:30 and then back up at 8, wide awake and ready to TRAVEL!

I actually had to work late, but was already packed. Slept fine but was up early to run a few last minute errands, like picking up my new debit card for the new bank account I had just opened. Major drama behind that one that I'll save for a different time.

10.13 Thursday
Our journey starts at 11 am as we leave for the airport. Faith has always been a good traveling companion and is very capable of simultaneously keeping us in the right place at the right time and putting up with my childlike excitement at every new thing. We make the quick trip to Dallas and then the 8 1/2 hour flight to London begins. I have never been able to sleep on planes, so by the time we drop into London Heathrow it is 7:30 AM London time and I am exhausted. We get on the London Underground, commonly referred to as 'the tube' and after 2 hours of exploration arrive at the Georgian Hotel on Baker Street. Yes, that Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes was in 221b and we are just down the road at 87. A quick bite of breakfast at a local shop and then it is back to the hotel.


1:30 pm here is 7:30 am San Antonio time, so I have been up all night with NO sleep.

10.14 Friday
Faith insists that our sightseeing begins after just one quick hour of sleep to recuperate, and this sets off the zombie crawl that is my first day in London. We decide to get SIM cards in Britain that would allow us to use our smartphones in London, but because the IPhone 4s launched today, we had a TON of technical problems getting them working, so after 3 stores, a few calls to tech support, and making a new friend named Zack at the O2 store, we were in business. When we ask Zack where we should go for a great lunch he suggested TGIFridays, which had us laughing and crying a little on the inside.

We take the tube to The British Museum to check out the Rosetta Stone,


a full statue of Venus,


some incredibly well preserved sarcophagi,



and a bunch of cool Greek stuff from the Parthenon.




Faith had promised her job back home that we would stop into their original location here in London and swap stories and swag, so on we went.

After the meeting it began to get colder, so we went back to our hotel to gear up and then right back out onto the tube and off of Farrington Station



where we wander around and are drawn in to an Italian restaurant by a waiter giving us Proseco in pony glasses.

We had noticed a great little pub down the road, so we stopped in for a pint of the local brew before continuing on the tube to the great Tower Bridge.



Most people mistakenly take this bridge for the London Bridge, which is actually close by and VERY underwhelming.


I am taken back in time as we examine the Tower of London and its surrounding castle.




Hopefully I will be knighted someday, but today we decide to head back in and call it a night. Sweet sleep!

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