Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Regional Differences

Being back in Indiana made me remember some differences between Texas and Indiana so I'm a bit curious on what everyone else does.

Mustard or Mayo on burgers?

Coke, Soda or Pop?

How do you address a group of people (you all, ya'll, you guys)

What kind of meat is BBQ?

What would you say are the major food items or cuisine from where you live? (Like Maine - lobsters)

Do you have floor vents or ceiling vents?

These were just some that I could remember, any others that you notice when you travel?


  1. I think I am a little out of the ordinary- I grew up in upstate NY, went to college in SW Virginia and now live in MD outside of DC/Baltimore.

    -BBQ = pulled pork (though I called it pulled pork until I moved to VA for an extended period of time.. before that, BBQ was hot dogs/burgers, etc)
    -Crabs (MD) or pizza & bagels (NY)
    -Floor vents

    -sneakers vs tennis shoes
    -lollipops vs suckers

  2. Mustard AND mayo AND ketchup.
    You guys, or just "guys."
    Pulled pork or ribs.
    ...This is, sweet corn?
    My apartment has ceiling vents, but the home I grew up in has floor vents.

    I grew up down the street from a family transplanted from Alabama. They were a second family to me. From them I learned that (grocery) carts are buggies. I also picked up a huge love for fried okra and red velvet cake.

  3. John the HusbandAug 3, 2011, 11:58:00 PM

    Mustard for sure, sometimes mayo too.

    Soda. (sometimes sodie)


    BBQ is when BBQ sauce is present, otherwise you are just cookin' out (hamburgers and hot dogs). Real BBQ is Brisket, but I will also accept pulled pork and ribs. BBQ should be low and slow, preferably in a smoker. Rudys here I come.

    BBQ is religion here, but so is excellent Mexican or TexMex. Rudys for BBQ and El Jalisco for Mexican.


    Everyone everywhere claims THEIR drivers are the worst, however, it seems EVERY city has crappy drivers. It also seems that every major city has an MLK Blvd, and it is always in the worst part of town. People from the Northeast are rude, people from the West coast are snobby hippies, people from the south are rednecks, and people from the Midwest are boring. There - i insulted everyone. ;)

  4. Mustard. No Mayo. It's a sin.

    Coke, but John has me saying soda quite a bit



    BBQ or Tex Mex. Oh how I LOVE Mexican food.

    Ceiling. I had TOTALLY forgotten floor vents existed until this last week.

    I also say tennis shoes or just tennies.


    I've never said buggie. I always thought that was a Canadian/European thing?

    Also Hoosiers say worsh instead of wash. I had forgotten that one.

    Thank you husband for insulting everyone.

  5. -Mustard, Mayo, Ketchup

    -Soda for me, but I don't think there's a clear consensus.

    -I say y'all way more than I should considering I'm not southern.

    -Anything on the grill.

    -I don't know that we're really known for anything in particular, but there IS a big emphasis of organic/all-natural (and often gluten free) here.

    -We have ceiling vents, but my parents have floor vents.

    The other two that crack me up are the word for a drinking fountain and the word for a hair tie.

  6. Ketchup and mustard or BBQ sauce on burgers.


    I use a mix of all three, actually.


    We're known for pork steaks and toasted ravioli

    Floor vents


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