Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The One Which Could Later Become a Book

This past week I went to Indiana and will have a post full of pictures and funny stories from my childhood and memories of my old hometown. Right now though I just have to get the crazy out. I want to remember this. The good, the bad, the ugly, the hilarity in it all if you can get there.

About a year and a half ago one of my grandpas died and I had the boss/job from hell and couldn't go when my entire family went up. So when I learned that my other grandpa died I knew I wanted to go.

So in the last week or so I:

Found out my grandpa had passed away via Facebook. Yeah...

Took two 20+ hour road trips with my parents. Can you believe being almost 30 and road tripping in a truck with your parents? It can be fun and awful all at the same time. Like when your dad wants to stop every hour to smoke. UGH. Or when he just goes on and on about the obvious scenery. It's sweet as in you would have been amazed when you were 5, but now you're almost 30 and dad, seriously? Then when you finally get to drive dad tries to grab the steering wheel and you have to have a serious discussion about "staying on your own side and to NOT touch the steering wheel" which your mom will find hilarious. And then when he finally decides to take a nap and you and mom can have a nice quiet drive through the country.

Went to a concert by myself and had a blast!

Got to see friends that I may not talk to very often, but can get in touch with it, through Facebook no less, and pick up right where I left off even if it's been 10+ years since we last saw each other.

Got to catch a glimpse of what it may be like when my parents get old. Have talks with them about what needs to happen now so that we don't have the same experiences they are having.

Have a great laugh with my mom when my dad tells me that I have permission to tell him to sit down and shut up when he starts to lose his mind.

To hear stories of family members I never knew about to and surprise my parents with a few of my own.

Couldn't remember how to get to my old house on the main roads but remembered where every back road took me.

Had that gut wrenching feeling when you don't even recognize your old house because it's basically been condemned.

Got to know that I was a great comedic relief for my parents on this trip. That despite what they went through I could help them find the hilarity in it all. I mean it turns out that maneuvering a cat pee soaked sofa out of a very awkward space into a truck, being told by Goodwill that they "don't take stuff like that", only to end up taking the coach to my cousin's farm SO WE COULD BURN IT could actually be pretty funny. Especially when you have to make a pit stop at the Kroger and get to see the horrified face of every customer that walks out of the store as they catch a whiff of cat pee.

Attended my grandpa's funeral, where there had to be a sheriff outside to make sure that his 3rd wife's kids didn't show up, where it turned out his ashes weren't even in the urn - it was empty, and I got to meet an aunt I never knew I had until I read the obituary.

So needless to say it was a week to remember and one I will never forget.

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