Thursday, August 04, 2011

Maybe You're Allergic to Cats

This past week I slept on a pull out couch with my mom while Dad slept on a cot. We were surrounded by three cats all week and a couch that had to be burned due to an overwhelming amount of cat pee that had saturated it. I took some Benadryl almost every day. Cats don't always bother me. Usually it's John I have to dope up whenever we're near a cat, but sometimes I end up with a stuffy nose.

The minute we left on Saturday I started to come down with the scratchy throat which turned into a headache a raging sore throat and a cough. I stayed home on Monday from work because I felt like hell and then called White Glove first thing on Tuesday morning. They met me at my office, left me with a sinus infection diagnosis and a ton of meds.

I made it most of the day on Tuesday and then a half day on Wednesday. This morning I woke up feeling like hell. My throat was worse than ever, my cough was painful, I wasn't rallying one bit so back to the Dr. I went.

Now they think my infection may be viral. I've got a stronger antibiotic (which White Glove warned me I may need if I didn't feel better) an inhaler, a steroid and some cough syrup with codeine which has been a lifesaver this afternoon.

My mom had started off with the same symptoms, but had gotten better. I called her this morning to tell her I was worse and her response was,

"Maybe you're allergic to cats?"

Me: Well yeah. Remember how every time I was around a cat when I was little I got sick?
Mom: Well we never actually had you tested and we had Kitty.

Yeah, Kitty was an outdoor cat so that maybe had something to do with it...

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