Monday, August 08, 2011

Conversations with John

John and I were watching the first episode of Curiosty - a new show on the Discovery Channel which is promising to be a pretty interesting series.

The series premiere was Curiosity - Did God Create the Universe?. It was based on Stephen Hawking's view of the universe and how it was created. It focused on the Big Bang Theory which is something I learned in school.

So I asked John:

Me: Did you learn about the Big Bang in School?
John: *Looks at me as though I'm kidding* I went to CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.

A little later into the show.

Me: So what'd they teach you about what happened to the dinosaurs?
John: *VERY matter of fact* Noah's Flood.
Me: *died*

Part of it was John's delivery of it, but part of it was just that I had never thought of nor heard of that before. Call my religious education limited if you will or that I was taught in very liberal schools (which I was. I was never taught Creationism in school. In fact in High School English we studied the Bible as a book of historical fiction). In a way it just blew me a way. Changing climate? Ok. Giant meteorite crashing into the Earth? Yes. Noah's Flood? They definitely didn't teach me that one in school...


  1. I went to a liberal school too ... I knew of Noah's Ark/Flood, but I never figured that's how the dinosaurs died. We learned climate change or the Big Bang. And why wouldn't He want to save the dinosaurs anyhow?

  2. I actually heard this one growing ups as a kid and thought it was very plausible. I think the total "theory" was that a few small ones may have been taken on to the ark but the species died off eventually and became extinct afterwards. The majority of them though are believed to have died in a huge flood, whether it was "Noah's flood" or another.

  3. John the HusbandAug 9, 2011, 1:24:00 PM

    No one knows exactly what happened to the dinosaurs, but we do know that a LOT of them are fossilized, and fossils being made in mud, lends credence to the idea of a flood taking them out. Every culture has some sort of oral tradition describing a great flood, and there is physical evidence (pillow lava which is ONLY made when lava hits seawater has been found on mountaintops). The only problem with the theory is that the flood likely happened in human history, whereas a lot of dinosaurs were extinct WELL before that time, unless you could believe that maybe our dating methods are incorrect for dinosaurs. (check out Job 40:15-24 and Job 41 - dinosaurs in the Bible?)


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