Monday, July 04, 2011

Operation NKOTBSB San Antonio

Chapter 3

Still riding the high from the concert on the drive home from Houston (about a 3.5 hr drive) Kandis and I decided we HAD to go to the San Antonio concert. Houston was THAT good.

See, I bought the tickets for Houston back in December. Then a month later they announced the San Antonio date. Crap. Houston was a Saturday night though so it was the perfect girls weekend and we're getting old and can't really hang during the week so it was fine. We went. It was Awesome, but we had to have more! We knew we had to try for San Antonio.

A few weeks before the concert there was a Groupon for tickets. That's what they get for announcing a date after Houston and Dallas went on sale! We knew that tickets were obviously still available if they had to have Groupon for the show (the Groupon was an AMAZING deal too and we were kicking ourselves for not purchasing it). We had our price set - we wouldn't pay more than $40 for seats which would have gotten us at the highest level through Ticketmaster, but we wanted to try for the best we could get at the lowest we could get them.

During the drive Kandis looked on Ebay and Craigslist and there were lots of options. When we got back to San Antonio she was meeting up with her family so I took on the task of obtaining tickets. I sent out some emails on Craigslist, I placed some bids on Ebay and crossed my fingers.

Late Sunday night someone emailed me back. He had 4 tickets and would take $100 for all 4. They were great seats too! I texted Stephanie who I knew would be in because of her love of BSB and we got Becky to come too. The next morning the guy emailed me back trying to play a bit of hardball. He said that he'd gotten a lot of offers for the tickets and it would basically be first come first served. I emailed back, "I will paypal you the money this second and where are you because I'm on my way." By now I was almost at work. He emailed me to say that he was currently at work but that I could stop by anytime to get them and let me know the area he worked in. Luckily it was just a few minutes from my work so I called my coworker to say, "I'm in the parking lot, but I have to run a quick errand so I'm going to be a bit late. I'll explain when I get back." I texted Kandis that I was on my way to get the tickets and that I was meeting him at an Exxon. She replied, "Please don't die." The guy actually worked there and I told her there'd be plenty of cameras and I'd let her know when I was done.

Next thing I knew I was heading back to my office with these four babies in my hand:


NKOTBSB San Antonio was going to happen! (and my coworkers offically thought that I'd lost it)

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  1. Wow! Glad you survived...why did a guy working at Exxon have tickets to this concert is the real question...


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