Thursday, June 09, 2011

Love This

I had started making this wrap when it was still cold. Granted it's also going to Reno where it may still be cold or hot the way it's currently going across the US. It's not that it took long to knit. Not at all. I knitted it on size 15 needles and it went really fast when I worked on it, I just sat it down for awhile before I started up on it again.


At first I wasn't a fan. I wasn't sure of my yarn color choice, but as I went on, I really started to love it. The finished product? LOVE. I may make myself one just like this.


It's so light and soft. I love the eyelet design. It'll also let it be worn more since it's not solid and too heavy or hot.

Wouldn't it look great as a poncho?


I see adding a big button to the front to keep it close (and obviously it'd be worn evenly unlike the picture) I'd knit it wider obviously as well.

Here is the pattern I used. It was originally intended as a charity shawl for hospice patients which is a great idea. I followed the pattern, using size 15 needles and homespun yarn. I didn't end it at 42 inches. Mine is well over 6 feet. It's taller than I am. I just based it on another wrap I had but didn't measure it.


  1. This is really cute! I love it and it looks so warm & comfy!

  2. That is beautiful! You really are such a good pioneer - I'm heading to your house when they figure out the next due date for the Apocalypse.

  3. I love that! I love the design and the color. Great job!


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