Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Lastest Beauty Loves and Fails

I'm in love with my new concealer which I just realized in writing this post that I bought the wrong one than I intended! Oh well! I guess it's worked out for the best.

This is what I meant to buy:

I liked the sound of it because it's waterproof and I need something that can last all day and stand up to the heat and sweat that comes with living in Texas. However I can't actually say anything about it since I haven't tried it.

This is what I bought and I love:

It covers REALLY well and has staying power to last throughout the day. I never have to retouch. It's even lasted through a workout.

A major fail was Lancome's eyeshadow primer. I've been trying to find one that works well and after trying one that a friend recommended I tried this on another friend's recommendation. Unfortunately it worked worse than any other that I tried and don't get me started with the drama I got into with the 60+ year old lady with the feather extensions when I tried to exchange it or let alone when I had the audacity to ask for more information and to explain the problems I was having with it. How dare I right?

Now to my new face care remedy. Milk of Magnesia. My face has gone absolutely crazy on me recently. Not the normal breakout, but the all over breakout. Nothing I was trying worked and one day my coworker mentioned that she had heard about using MOM as an acne remedy on the news, called her sister who worked for a dermatologist that also confirmed it and so one day after lots of jokes about not licking your face I decided to try it AND IT WORKED. I'm not kidding. Go out and buy a bottle of Phillips (I use the plain original kind). I use a little cotton square and put it on at night before bed. I wake up and the redness is gone and my face is so much clearer. Don't believe me? Google Milk of Magnesia for acne and you'll find tons of information and comments from people about it. I don't do it every day - maybe a few times a week and I've seen such a huge difference in my skin. Try it.


  1. Have you tried Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion?
    I went for years having constantly creasy eyeshadow, but I tried that and have not looked back! They have a few different kinds now...darker color, one with shimmer, but the classic is a staple in my makeup box.

  2. Whit - I have and it's what works the best. I can get through a work day with it, but not really a full day. I don't know if I'm asking for too much in that or what. I also sometimes wonder if I have oily eyelids and that's why I can't find one to work as well as I want or as well as it does for others.

  3. In regards to the MOM...I have some redness/ you think it would work for that?

  4. Kandis - I'd try it. It's cheap so it's not like you'd waste a bunch of money trying it.


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