Friday, June 17, 2011

Easy Updo that Leads to Easy Curls with No Heat

I have to thank Meredith for posting this video.

This look is seriously SO EASY to do. It takes me about 5 minutes. Like the video says start with your hair mostly dry. I usually wear my hair up all day and then the next day wear it as curls. Let me tell you one thing. MY HAIR DOES NOT CURL. I have tried everything. Usually I have to sleep in foam rollers and even then they don't last all day. I did this, wore curls the next day and they stayed. No fallen curls. No having to touch them up with a curling iron later in the day. This totally works and it's so easy to do.

Here I am with my hair up:




and here it is down.


I LOVE the look while it's up. The first day I did it I got 80 million comments about how cute it was. Strangers stopped me to ask how I did it. It's such a cute look and really is so easy to do. Try it! You'll love it!


  1. It looks so cute when it's up on you! For some reason, whenever I do it, the "up" version looks more prairie than chic...I can't get it to look normal! But your version? Totally cute!

  2. It turned out great! I have thick hair like the girl in the video but have absolutely no patience for standing in front of a mirror trying to curl with a flat iron or curling iron. I'll definitely give this a try, thanks for posting!

  3. SO CUTE!! I'm totally jealous. I've tried this and it just doesn't work - my hair is too darn thick and fine to stay in place.


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