Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's growing

Here's the jungle that has become my garden this year.


This end is being taken over by squash and zucchini. I'm growing my squash plants vertically this year and it's working out pretty well.


I've lost one of the plants but this one is kind of wrapping itself around the pole.

I've picked a lot of zucchini already, but have found that this variety doesn't keep very well. In just a few days it starts to go spongy.


I've already harvested the green beans twice. I'm not sure how much longer they have since it's been so hot here lately.


They have been taking over though so I'm sure the pepper plants will enjoy the space when they're done.


There really are 6 pepper plants in that picture!

The tomatoes are as wild as they were last year.


I tried really hard to pull off suckers and keep it tied to the stake, but it's so hard to keep up with! I have started pinching off the ends so they don't get any taller.

They are covered in little tomatoes though. Can't wait until they're ready to pick!



I had bought an extra bell pepper since I wasn't sure if my seedlings would make it and it's doing great. Last night it already had 3 peppers growing on it!


This marigold plant has flourished. It was just a tiny plant when I first potted it.


My cucumbers are the only things that aren't doing so hot yet again. One of the plants has grown tall, the other I think has stopped growing altogether. I don't think I'm ever destined to grow cucumbers.


What are you growing this year?


  1. We're growing pretty much the same stuff, but I'm avoiding my garden right now. It's been so rainy here that I'm worried they aren't going to do very well due to the lack of sun. We'll see.

  2. Your garden looks great! We're not doing a garden this year. Matt's nursery (for trees, not babies) does fresh produce which we can get for free so he didn't want to invest the time or money for our own garden.

  3. Our garden has done terribly. Everything has grown, but nothing is really producing. I think we don't have any bugs around to pollinate. Our tomato plants are HUGE, but there are about 4 tomatoes on them. The blossoms just bloom and fall off. We just lost our last zucchini plant to squash bugs. :( Not sure what else we can do? Yours looks fantastic, though!


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