Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Two Kisses for Maddy Book Signing

Last week I headed up to Austin to see Matt Logelin at Book People.


It was a totally different experience from the time I went to see Pioneer Woman there, but was really cool and very relaxed despite the topic.


Matt did a reading from the book. It was serious, funny and emotional.


He also answered questions for quite awhile. Then it was time to get in line to meet him and get our books signed.



He really took time to talk with everyone, take a picture and even invited everyone to meet up downtown and have drinks. When I told him I had to drive back he seemed genuinely shocked that I drove 2 hours in traffic to get there. It was worth it to hear him speak and to hear him share his story and experience. Very cool and fun evening. Thanks again Matt for sharing your life with everyone.


  1. What a great experience! His story is so inspiring!

  2. He is so so inspiring. Where on earth do you find out about this stuff? I would love to go to these things!

  3. So cool, I didn't know he'd wrote a book but I've read his blog before. Side note: you're looking super skinny girl!

  4. Thanks Alyssa! I've lost about 10 pounds and counting.

    Ashley - I read about the signing on his blog and put it on my calendar forever ago. I have to stick stuff on my calendar or it gets forgotten about.


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