Sunday, May 01, 2011


Last night a cold front rolled in. Cold as in it was no longer 98, but rather 70. We decided to take advantage of the fantastic weather and grilled. Then we went a step further and decided to bust out the fire pit we bought on Christmas. So we headed out on a quest to find firewood. In May. In Texas. The state that has had 90+ degree weather for oh, all of April.

Out we went and found ourselves at HEB and found some grilling logs that we figured we could use in the fire pit. I also saw this girl


and when I went to sign onto Twitter to share this picture of her


I saw that Twitter was blowing up about a speech from the President that was about to happen. By the time we got home about 5 minutes later the news was everywhere.


Something I retweeted but was so true. That's the power of social media for you.


Meanwhile John and I listened to the news, I stayed on Twitter and we made smores.



and I realized this:



What were you doing?


  1. So true...I didn't hear about the news until I was driving to work this morning. For 9/11, I was in my dorm getting ready for class when my roommate ran in and told us. Very surreal, I agree...


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