Monday, May 09, 2011

Mish Mash

I haven't had the time or energy to write too many posts lately so here's a bit of mish mash that I'd write about if I had the time.

I'm doing a new diet. It's called the 17 Day Diet. I bought it because it's pink cover caught my eye at Barnes and Noble and the reviews it got on Amazon were really good. It's basically four 17 day phases with the last being stick to either 1, 2 or 3 and eat what you want on the weekends. When you put on 5 pounds go back to phase 1. In my head I say 14 days which makes it easier although I go the full 17. I lost 5 pounds on phase 1. I didn't stick to it EXACTLY, but that's what's kind of nice about it. Yeah, you could lose 10 pounds or you could half ass it and lose 5. I'm happy with the 5. Since my December endo appointment I've lost 10 pounds. I need to keep it up though and stick to the diet more. Maybe next week. (There is supposedly some food order option which I honestly know nothing about except it's mentioned in more recent reviews. I make my own food which is another plus to the book - each phase comes with 17 days of meals. Again, not something I followed to a T but it's really helpful. We could all lose weight if someone just told us what to eat every day right?)

My garden is INSANE. I have pictures which I have not uploaded yet. Just imagine a wild jungle made of zucchini plants and tomatoes with some wild green beans mixed it. My green beans have gone completely psycho and are trying to take over my poor bell pepper plants.

John decided to do the tile in the master bath this weekend. Having had no say in the decision to finally take on this project I was less than enthused and very grumpy about having to spend my Sunday laying tile. (This project would probably never have been completed until we decided to sell our house or something had I been in charge). I AM glad that this project is almost over, ya know, 1 year later....

Oh - John also documented the entire tile demo and everything that comes along with it process. I'm going to make him write a post so things don't get totally boring around here. Of course, you'd also have to be someone that finds demo and tile work interesting, but I'm sure John'll make it funny in his own way.

I'm now the proud owner of Kobo eReader. It's a bit lighter than the Kindle, but supports all formats of eBooks so that was the tie breaker between the two. I've yet to ACTUALLY read something on it, so this is kind of the end of the review for now.

Current obsession - chickens. I have BIG chicken plans. BIG. I just have to get John to help me with it, but hopefully we'll have some chickens hanging out in our backyard soon. I CANNOT WAIT.

The other thing I cannot wait for? Girls Weekend. I'm getting together with Jackie, Virginia and Sarah S. to head to the Big D. We're staying at the Casa de Virg so we can splurge on all things spa related. It's going to be fab-u-lous.


  1. The diet sounds interesting, what's the name of the book?

  2. YAY for chickens!!


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