Monday, April 11, 2011

Then We Got Schooled by Some 6 Year Olds

John happened to be off on my birthday so I took off as well so we could hang out. I dragged him out of bed and headed to Marburger Orchard to pick strawberries. IMG_3500 He wore red to attract the strawberries. IMG_3501 IMG_3502 Later we hung out with a cow on the side of the road on our way to Becker Vineyards for some wine tasting. IMAG0022 It used to be $5 for tasting. Now it's $10, but at least you get a glass. IMAG0023 IMG_3503 On our way into Fredericksburg for lunch we passed by a camel farm. John threw some camel gang signs IMAG0024 and ignited what we thought was a camel gang fight as two started chasing eachother around. IMAG0025 Only then they started to do this: IMG_3506 Maybe they were making up after their fight? We grabbed lunch and a beer at the Fredericksburg Brewing Company where we spent our 1 year anniversary. IMAG0028 That night we had dinner downtown at Texas de Brazil. They have a wine aerialist that was pretty cool. IMAG0030 My coworkers were nice enough to decorate my office while I was out. IMAG0033 Next year, they better do 29 + 1. On Sunday I had lunch with friends at the Boardwalk on Bulverde. It's a place where all these gourmet food trucks can congregate. The food is amazing! IMG_3525 It was too windy for the candles, but Julie lit a lighter under my face and scared me half to death. IMG_3527 IMG_3528 It was pretty warm out and the cake melted a bit, but tasted delicious! IMG_3529 After lunch we headed over to play some laser tag. IMG_3531 Before our games we had some arcade fun. IMG_3537 IMG_3542 IMG_3544 IMG_3546 IMG_3550 They have a viewing room where you can see the playing field. IMG_3551 Finally it was time to play. IMG_3555 Our first round was against another kid's birthday party. That kid was a SMACK TALKER! Do you know how hard it is to not talk smack back to a 6 yr old? Hard. And then.....they schooled us on the playing field. IMG_3556 They (blue team) beat us (red team) by 50,000 points. Those little kids ran around in little groups and would attack you all at once. The birthday boy would pop out at you and yell, "Die Sucker!" So the second round. We were ready. We knew the field, we knew how to take out the groups of kids. We were ready and we annihilated them. IMG_3557 In you face 6 year olds! 100,000 points in your face! Of course, we're about as mature as a bunch of 6 year olds. IMG_3558 We may start up a laser tag league. Or at least do a lock in. Laser tag was FREAKING AWESOME! I don't think I've had so much fun in a really long time. Of course you sweat like never before and you have to be willing to kick some 6 year old's ass, but it's awesome.


  1. He wore red to attract the strawberries- YOU CRACK ME UP. That pic of the camels getting it on is freaking hilarious. Do camels get camel toe?

  2. LOL-this whole post had my laughing out loud! Sounds like a great birthday and the camels will one day tell their kid, "It all started on Faith's birthday..."


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