Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Marketing Fail

So I'm returning to blogging not with a post about making jam or about the two camels we saw having sex on my birthday, or about my super awesome birthday celebration at all or even about the crazy lady at our garage sale that asked if I had ever seen Elvis live in concert (no I have not. Pretty sure Elvis and I never roamed the Earth at the same time). No, instead I'm sharing some random things that have shown up in my mailbox recently. Also, if you're the one that has added me to some kind of mailing list haha very funny. I would have much rather received a gift card from you for my birthday this year.

So last week I go this giant Target baby catalogue in the mail.


Ok random. Love Target and they send us ton of junk in the mail so ok. I can deal, but today (and I haven't checked my mail since Friday last week) I got all this:


A formula sample? Honestly? I got all excited when I saw the key for the package box in the mail only to find a box of formula in there. What the heck do I do with a box of formula? The magazines and stuff all go to the recyling, but formula? Isn't that stuff expensive?

So random baby crap in the mailbox and no we're not trying. I haven't even looked at a registry for a friend lately. I'm not sure what mailing list I may have ended up on or where this stuff is coming from. It's baby mail overload and it's not making this clock tick any faster.


  1. My SIL still gets formula samples in the mail and her youngest is 4...and I never got them at all. It's so weird!

  2. You're pregnant and you don't know it! :)

  3. I started to receive parenting and baby magazines that I haven't subscribed to also! I do not have kids nor am I pregnant!

  4. As a breastfeeding activist, the fact that you got formula in the mail KILLS me. Ugh.

  5. I get that stuff all the time and take it in to the girls at work. I got the Target mag and took to the girl whose due any day, she was able to take it in and get the free $20 gift card!

  6. Haha Leah! Not trying doesn't mean we're pregnant either. LOL.

    Someone suggested donating the formula to a shelter. I may also check with childcare at work and see if they may need it or know someone that does. Everyone I know is currently breasfeeding.

  7. Faith! Where have you been? I was starting to have withdrawals and was wondering if you were ok. Lol, j/k...glad you are blogging again. This may be your mom or John's failed attempt of trying to hit you with the baby bug. Or maybe its a sign from above to get to moving, lol!


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