Thursday, March 03, 2011

Purging Part IV

Did anyone ever make these little bead animals?


I used to take broken necklaces or other beads (maybe THAT'S where all the beads came from!) and make these little bead animals out of them. This one above is an elephant. Can't you tell? I also found a giraffe, but couldn't get the neck to stand up for the picture. My other specialties were dogs and monkeys.

Lisa Frank stickers! Come on, you know you collected them at some point in your life.


I'm pretty sure I was even part of some mail order sticker club.

How about a clear phone? I remember wanting one of these SO BAD and couldn't believe it when I finally got one.


John thought the phone was AWESOME. It's actually going into the office.


  1. Oh yes I am sure there is some Lisa Frank stuff in my totes in mom's garage somewhere. I actually use my clear/neon colored parts phone when we had a house phone. So cool!

  2. I had a clear phone too, that lit up bright blue when it rang! I remember it having the worst sounding ring too. Lisa Frank was awesome. I wonder if those are worth anything.

  3. I had that phone too! I was so freaking excited when I got it!


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