Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Purging Part III

Here are some my the super awesome fashions I used to sport:


Trolls! John COULD NOT believe that I wore these:


I may just hang on to these.....not sure. Did anyone else collect trolls? I know that I had a bunch, but I think they're still in my parents' storage unit. I'll do a fashion show whenever they're uncovered.

These are some homemade earrings. They're missing their other pairs thankfully, because I'd hate to see either come back into style.


Did anyone else make those paper clip earrings? I'm pretty sure I had more than one pair and remember giving some out as gifts.

Tattoo necklace anyone?


Can you believe I actually wore this to my senior homecoming dance? Oh yeah. HOT.

I'll start this one off by saying it's REALLY HARD to take a picture of your own arm.


These I wore to my prom my sophomore year. I went with a senior who was also crowned prom king. What's great about this story though is that he wasn't the hottest guy in the school, or the jock. He was honestly the NICEST guy in the school. He was popular because he was involved in a ton of activities and just such a nice guy. He was the one that said Hi to everyone and knew everyone's name and everyone said Hi back, because you knew he meant it and wanted to know how you were doing.

Finally, only because it can somewhat be considered jewelry I guess, I found 4 different wrapped packages of beads.


Beads. I don't know where they all came from or how I accumulated that many, but wow. I guess I need to have a Mardi Gras party!


  1. lol at Leah. I love old stuff. How old are you? I'm 38 and I was in high school in the 1980's. Too bad I didn't keep a bunch of my hideous fad crap. Your earrings remind me of friendship pins. We took safety pins and put beads on them. It was so totally awesome!

  2. Could you wear the earrings THEN take a picture? I think we all know where the beads came from...

  3. Had the troll earrings and wore silver gloves to one of my military balls, I think it was in 10th grade.

  4. hahaha! I remember those troll earrings! I didn't have my ears pierced when those were in, but I wanted them so badly. I swear, if you keep all that stuff long enough, it will come back into style!


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