Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Purging Part II

Within the junk I found each one of my high school IDs. Wow. Those were some bad pictures I took. I actually have many more awesome ones from my grade school years. I was REALLY into headbands for a long time.


In my Junior year one (top right) John told me I look like a guy that belongs in a Metal Band. Thanks babe. I've gotten A LOT better at pictures since I was in school!

I also found a hall pass from the 10th grade. No idea why I still had it or even what I may have used it for. I was only allowed to go to B200 though.



  1. I had a whole book of hall passes in my coat pocket for YEARS! I finally got rid of them maybe 2 years ago...8 years after high school!

  2. One of my best friends went to Kingwood High. Small world. lol. She graduated in '96.


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