Friday, March 04, 2011

Purging, the Final Edition

At least for now. I still have some crap to go though out in the garage and who knows what is still with my parents. Maybe next week I'll do a showcase of all of the My Little Ponies I found. I'm actually going to sell 'em on E-Bay and have already taken the photos. Anyone down for the My Little Pony Parade or will that cause you all to just walk away and never come back here?

Moving on, unless I've already lost you at the mention of a week long feature of My Little Ponies. I also found a hoard of cassett tapes. Most I think are ones from band where I had to practice certain scales and counting. BORING.

The best of the bunch though? Paul Abdul, Forever Your Girl.


You know you're singing that song in your head right now....

Also, a mix tape. Side 1:


Side 2:


Please excuse my misspelling of both Kerrigan and Comeback. I have no idea what this song is. My guess is that it's a spoof on the whole Tonya Harding whack to the kneecap.

I also had the Lion King and Pocahantas. I swear I have the Little Mirmaid somewhere. I loved a good movie soundtrack back in the day. In fact, the Romeo and Juliet one was my first CD.

Missing are my New Kids tapes. I KNOW I have them somewhere. However, I did find this awesomeness:


O.M.G ya'll! My Jonathan Knight button! I cannot believe I found this. I am SO wearing it to the NKOTBSB concert in June. Oh and yes, I'm going to go see New Kids and Back Street Boys in concert. LOL. 13 year old girl weekend coming up in my future.




  1. Oh yes, I used to love Crash Test Dummies.

    Also, I don't think My Little Ponies ever went out of nieces are obsessed with them!

  2. I've loved all these posts! I had the see through phone too.

  3. hahaha! These posts crack me up! I love it!

  4. Lol these posts are cracking me up, I still have all my stashes of childhood stuff, actually saw it all last summer when we were moving and sorting. American girl dolls, barbies, books galore, my trolls, all the pony beads from making the beaded animals (they were the flat ones in rows), boxes and boxes of stickers, lisa frank coloring books, and so many other goodies. Total flashback!


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