Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My No Good Very Bad Afternoon

I have these things called punctal plugs for dry eyes. They're these little things that sit in my tear ducts. On Sunday I rubbed my eye and felt like I pulled on it some. For the past two days my eye has hurt. It's been itchy and a little swollen around the tear duct/plug and my inner eyelid has been really red. Today it was painful so I decided to head over to a Urgent Care clinic during lunch today.

Now I knew that the wait would be long especially during the lunch hour. I waited for about and hour and a half in the waiting room and when I was taken back I sat in the exam room for about 45 minutes while the Drs and assistants all had a pizza party with a drug rep. Seriously!? It was right outside my exam room. Either take care of your patients you have back there or don't bring them back. Then when the Dr. came in he put some dye in my eye and looked at it and said I have some conjunctivitis in my eye. I ask, "pink eye?" and he said, "well, that's kind of a loaded question." Either I do or I don't. Come on. When I asked about the plug and if it was something to do with that he basically said he didn't know anything about them and they were way out of his scope. He said that he'd refer me to a opthamologist so I could ask whether or not having an eye infection would effect the plugs in any way. I asked about being contagious and he said, "Well, most workplaces won't let you work with pink eye." Ok.....so I do have pink eye? He said that I couldn't wear my contacts anymore and he'd write me a note about missing work for a few days.

So then he leaves to "do some paperwork" and I hear him in the hall, "yeah, she's got these weird plug things in her eyes." Ok...thanks for sharing my weird plugs with whoever that was. Then a nurse or assistant comes in with a prescription and some information on pink eye. No note. No referral. Then she hands me a discount card because one of the prescriptions is really expensive. I ask about the other information and she just looks at me like I'm crazy and says that the Dr. didn't give her anything else.

So I just left. I swung by work to grab a few things and tie up a couple loose ends since I wasn't exactly expecting to be gone for almost 3 hours or be gone for the rest of the day. Plus I figured I'd already infected my office. I leave to go fill the prescription. On my way I call my eye Dr. who I saw almost 2 months ago to get new contacts. (I "think" I have one pair left of my old script) but my trial pair of my new script has been on back order. I wanted to see if the contacts are EVER going to be in and ask about the punctal plugs and pink eye. Of course they say they'll need to see me to tell me anything and they have an appointment in 10 minutes. I'm almost at the pharmacy and 1 exit from the eye Dr. So I stop at the pharmacy and ask if there is a generic for the one (surely there would be since pink eye is super common right?) the pharmacist looks at the script and says she's never even heard of it. She looks it up in the computer and says there's no generic and they don't even have it in stock, she'd have to order it and it won't be there for another day. I tell her, "that's fine, I'm about to go to my eye Dr. and I'll see if he can give me something else. The one that wrote this one kind of pissed me off already."

After another hour of waiting at the eye Dr (again, expected since they squeezed me in, but crap, I spent almost 4 hours of my life today in Dr waiting rooms) I go back. She does the same dye test and says, "You don't have pink eye. You definitely have some allergy gunk, but it's not pink eye." I asked about the swelling and she said it does look a bit irritated and said that I may have disrupted the plug a bit and that could be what the pain and irritation is combined with the allergy eyes. She said I could keep wearing my contacts and gave me some drops for allergies. I'm going to trust the eye Dr over the stupid Urgent Care one I saw. My eye is still bothering me some, but she said that I should try hot compresses to help.

Ugh. Longest afternoon ever.


  1. That's crazy! I've had some really good doctors at Urgent Care centers and some that were pretty bad. I was once given amoxicillin for a staph infection that I had already tried to treat with Cipro! Hope your eye clears up soon! :)

  2. Ugh-annoying! I hope you get to feeling better. I always try to avoid the doctors as much as possible.


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