Monday, March 07, 2011

Conversations with Mom

My mom was telling me about her and my dad taking my 4 yr old nephew camping over the weekend. He was at a party recently and had taken his shoes off to play. When he put them back on there were ants inside and he was bitten and has now developed a fear of bugs. So obviously on a camping trip this can be a problem since bugs are everywhere outside. So my dad made up this song about bugs to help him get over his fear.

Me: See....all you have to do is lie to kids and they'll do whatever you want.
Mom: You're going to be such a good mom.
Me:.....are you joking or being serious?
Mom: *Laughs* I'd be really worried about you if you didn't have John. Now, John. He's going to be a good dad. You might need parenting classes.
Me: Wow. Thanks mom. Feeling the love.

*a few minutes later*

Mom: I just don't want you to wait too long to have kids. It gets harder when you get older.
Me: Mom, I've already said I'll have one when I'm 30. That's only a year away now cuz I'm getting old. Besides, you just said I'd be a bad mom so don't you think I SHOULD wait for the sake of your future grandkids? Maybe I'll mature a little or something. You should be glad I'm waiting. I'm doing it for the kids.
Mom: Oh yeah....

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