Thursday, February 24, 2011

We Have Growth!

Last night I went out to check on the seeds I planted last week and things had already started to sprout!

Here are the radishes


This MAY be a spinach plant or it could be grass. Kind of hoping it's grass because it's the only thing the sprout in the 3 spinach squares and I really hope I don't have that bad of luck with it.


Here are some lettuce plants that are sprouting as well.



Inside the new seeds that I started have finally taken off! The 4 Amish Paste transplants look great.


In this one I have 4 Amish Paste on the left, then 3 jalapenos and 2 cherry.


The lone cherry seedling that I had last week died. I only need one plant so I'm going to transplant these two and see how they do.

In this container the Better Boy tomatoes are finally going, but no bell peppers.


I did get one bell pepper that I've transplanted since it had it's second set of leaves.


Hopefully it survive. I may just have to buy pepper plants this year.


  1. I am so jealous. The only bare ground I see is blacktop and that's sparingly.

  2. Looks good, Matt said we aren't having a garden this year. :( I still think those are muffins.

  3. I need more gardening posts sis. Gotta compare results.


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