Monday, February 28, 2011


Whenever I visit my parents they always want me to go to storage to get some of my stuff out of their storage unit. I've taken stuff, but I've also run out of space myself so it's become a great excuse as to why I can't take anything more. Well John and I are on a purging/organization kick as of late and we've both agreed to get rid of some of our junk out in the garage. So I went through a few of my bins and thought I'd share a few of the gems I came across with everyone this week.

Here's the first thing - my MVP trophy I won in 4th grade:

Edited to add that I won this for Cross Country. I was really awesome at running when I was younger, but then had knee and ankle problems and had to stop. My elementary school in California had a ton of sports, wrestling, football, track, cross country. None of my other elementary schools I attended had that. I competed at County for my school that year and placed 6th overall. Not pictured were a bunch of ribbons I had as well. Both the trophy and the ribbons are staying put and not being purged.


  1. Your parents do that too? I always beg for them to keep the crap because I don't want it in my house but I don't want to throw it away! That's what parents are for! : )

  2. Love it. My Mom used to do the same thing to me!

  3. Great job MVP! I was totally bummed when my parents gave me my stuff. I wanted THEM to keep it not me...sigh, Matt helped me purge though and I no longer have any notes from 8th grade. We were great mushroom drawers though...


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