Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I was allowed to return to work this week only because my surgery was on my left foot so I could still drive and because my job basically requires me to sit at a desk all day. I still have to keep my foot elevated though (which often makes my leg fall asleep).


Yes, that's an exercise ball. I sit on it when my back hurts.

Also who knew that the fuzzy socks that I get at Christmas from different people each year would finally come in handy? I am not much of a sock person. I swear my feet get colder with socks than without. I much rather wrap my feet in a blanket than put socks on. These fuzzy, weird colored socks though? They're the only ones that have been able to fit comfortably over my bandage. Tomorrow I may rock the red & white striped ones.


  1. Red and White! Valentine's socks!!

  2. We had a prego lady sit on an exercise ball at work during her last month of pregnancy. Glad you're back at work!

  3. Cute socks! Just glad to hear you're feeling better and are back at work. Rock those socks while you can : )


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