Friday, February 25, 2011

Flexees Rave

I picked these up a few weeks ago and absolutely love them.

I bought this one in white

and this one in black.

I prefer the black one a bit more only because it's one layer. The white one has the fat sucker material on the inside and a slightly looser outer layer. I really prefer just the one layer. On both tanks the top parts are the looser material so it's not squishing your boobs. On the black one the last two inches or so is also a bit looser so you can really layer it well and it's not squishing your hips. What's also great is that the tanks are taller. Since I have bigger boobs a lot of tanks ride down and don't keep things covered very well, which sometimes defeats the purpose when you're pairing it with something lower cut.

I can also wear these all day and be totally comfortable. I find it hard to last more than a few hours in a pair of Spanx, but have been fine in these.

I also tried on the T-Shirt one and really liked it, I just didn't buy it at the time.

The only one I tried on and didn't like (and couldn't find it on the website) were the tanks with the lace bottom. I think they may have been a lighter "hold" and didn't seem to do as good of a job holding everything in.

I found mine at Steinmart during a sale. I've also seen them at Macy's, Costco, TJ Maxx and Ross. The cheapest place to get them are Ross and TJ Maxx - about $15 I think. You'll find a wider color selection at Steinmart or Macy's. They're great to layer, but I would also wear it under a jacket as a shirt. They really do a great job at holding everything in, hiding the muffin top and my absolute favorite part? They do a really good job at covering up back fat around your bra straps.

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  1. Good to know! I bought some similar Daisy Fuentes ones from Kohls and they're amazing! I used them when i was trying to hide my pregnancy and they were great. Savings them for after too!


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