Sunday, January 30, 2011


John is going to be home with me the day of the surgery and for my Friday follow-up so I'll have two days on my own. I'm really not concerned because I am a total grump when I'm not feeling well and like to be left alone. In fact my mom cracked up when I told her about an offer to take me to lunch one of those days. Then she went on about some of my childhood stories of my being sick and absolutely horrible when anyone tried to take care of me. She is also recovering from back surgery she had a month ago and I think is feeling bad that she can't be here to take care of me (even when I'm awful I do still want my mom). She couldn't make the drive unless someone took her and I did joke with her about her and I setting up in the master bedroom recovering while poor John gets moved into the guest room.

My only real concern is getting ice packs on a regular basis the second day. So John's solution:


Yes. A mini fridge has temporarily replaced my nightstand. (Please excuse the camera phone pic). It reminds me of my college dorm room almost - minus the bunk beds! I've got it stocked with plenty of little snacks, juice, water, gatorade, whatever I may need, including the ice packs. I took one of the containers from the office and filled it with yarn and current knitting projects, magazines and books. I've got my pain pills, cell phone charger, and my laptop will eventually make its way there too.

Now if I can only find a way for the dogs to let themselves out so they leave me alone.


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