Saturday, January 08, 2011

Lessons Learned from my 2010 Garden

I actually still have some romaine lettuce and carrots growing out in the garden. I haven't done anything to them. We've had a few slight freezes since I planted them and they're still going. We're supposed to have a harder freeze coming up in the next few days so we'll see how they do. They're not big enough to pick and I plan on starting the new garden in a month so I'm not planning on working to keep them going.

So what did I learn from my 2010 and very first attempt at square foot gardening?

June bugs suck. I just read an old post where I found close to 40 grubs in the garden. Eww. I had blocked that from my memory. I'll have to find a way to deal with them this year.

My squash and zucchini got huge. I hadn't really planned for that, but luckily enough had a few plants that finished before they grew too big. This year I'll plan for early plants around the squash and zucchini and will give them an extra row to grow in.

The nasturtium I think worked with the squash plants. The plant that was surrounded by it didn't get attacked by vine borers. I gave each flower its own square, but they never really got very big. I plan on putting one flower in the square with each squash and zucchini. Hopefully this will work. If it does I'll probably go down to one of each plant to give them some more room.

I didn't grow enough green beans. I started with just 2 squares and did a 3rd after some of the lettuce didn't grow. They also got attacked by grubs and by pill bugs. I'm hoping that the pill bugs won't be as big of a problem this year since the manure won't be as "fresh." I'll plan on 4 squares this year.

My tomato plants also got huge. I'm going to abandon cages completely this year. I'm thinking of these towers or I may also try these spirals. I like that the spirals go up to 7ft. I think my tomatoes grew about that high, but I'm also not growing the same varieties this year. I may do both and use some on the cucumbers.

I'll also grow an extra square of spinach this year. It got attacked by just about everything so the third square is essential if I actually want to eat any of it this year.

I'm not going to bother with onions this year. They didn't ever grow and I really don't use green onions much in cooking.

I'll also plan on starting my fall garden a bit earlier than I did. It did well for the short time that it had and would do even better with some extra time.

I'm also adding carrots to the spring planting and cherry tomatoes. Since I'm not doing onions or marigolds it will free up some extra space for new plants and additional plantings.

I'll do another post soon with the layout of the new garden and all seeds that I've ordered. Can't wait to get things started!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I can't imagine still having growing things in a garden. It was -14 C today and we have an inch or so of snow on the ground!


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