Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 in Review

We rang in the 2010 New Year with great friends while doing a bar hopping bus tour.

January is also when my Old Man Toe problems started.

I also did a ton of cooking that month so be sure to check out my recipes tab.

In February I started my knitting classes. I would have given up after the first class had John not learned to cast on for me. I also finished my first knitting project towards the end of the month.

I also made plans for the garden.

The biggest thing in February, I quit my job.

In March I started 12 Weeks to Better Photography and learned a lot. Check out the tab on the sidebar to see my progress.

I was still having problems with my toe, but it was on the way to getting better.

I got to celebrate my nephew's 3rd birthday, go to Dallas and celebrate Virginia's 30th birthday.

I started my two part-time jobs that I would work until I found a full-time one.

I celebrated my 28th birthday.

In April the garden was really taking off.

I also got to spend time with my Aunt and Grandma that were visiting from Indiana.

During May I picked an obscene amount of strawberries.

I also battled mushrooms, grubs and the squash takeover in the garden.

In June my job situation stressed me out some, but I also found out I had a lot of friends in real life and virtual that supported me and my decision.

We held the 3rd Annual Hinchman Olympics in July.

John's hockey obsession started and I went to my 10 Year High School Reunion.

The biggest news in July? I got a job offer with a great company and for a position that I'm really enjoying.

In August I started my new job

I also dealt with two different pear thiefs. The first was an animal and then some jerkface stole all my pears.

In September we went to my family reunion and also celebrated our 3rd anniversary.

I ended the month catching a snake on my boob tape.

In October we celebrated John's 31st birthday by seeing Daniel Tosh (and Shakira).

In November we went to Wurstfest and an Air Show. I ended the month with the Thanksgiving Turkey Debate.

December started with a trip to Houston, time with family, friends, and then Christmas celebrations.

Happy New Year to you all!


  1. Whew...busy, busy, busy! How's the Old Man Toe doing?

  2. Sounds like an awesome year to me! Esp the garden part and the Tosh part, but not so much the toe part. You didn't mention your new stove!Happy New year, I hope it's a good one.


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