Monday, December 20, 2010

Weight Gain

Ugh. A topic that is never fun to talk about. The truth of it though is that since my wedding 3 years ago I have gained 40 pounds.


Just before we got engaged I was at my (then) heaviest. I joined Weight Watchers and in about 4-5 months met my goal weight and lost about 25 pounds. I kept that off until after the wedding, but then things started creeping up again.

Two years later I had gained back that 25 pounds plus about 10 pounds. I was able to maintain that weight, but not really lose anything.

I joined Weight Watchers again and in 5 months I lost 5 pounds. Yes, I was following the program and yes, I was tracking. I got my 10 week key chain, but didn't have a single charm to put on it. Most have a couple of charms before they get the key chain. Major suckage.

I gave up on Weight Watchers around the time that I quit my job. You think I'd be happier right? Leaving an extremely stressful and miserable position? I was, but my weight didn't change. I was even working 2 jobs where I was on my feet all day and hardly ever had time to eat. I added 10 more pounds in the past 6 months. Actually I should say it's been the past 2-3.

Those 2-3 months is when I started a weight loss challenge with my coworker. I've been eating smarter and working out at least 4 days a week and I've gained 10 more pounds. No, my measurements haven't changed either so it's not really muscle gain.

I recently started working with a nutritionist at work. We're early stages - tracking what I currently eat and then coming up with a game plan.

Tuesday I went to see my endocrinologist. She was really concerned about my weight and it was topic number 1 on my list for her. Pretty much everyone in my family is diabetic so I have a high risk, but I don't want my weight to be a factor too. The fact that I've been doing everything that I've been doing and still gaining really concerned her as well. My thyroid levels had been pretty normal for the last year, but this time they had gone way up. That's probably where the weight gain came from.

The good news is that I don't have any additional nodules on my thyroid, the bad news is that it's basically gone to crap and it's totally jacked up my metabolism.

My endo has suggested I take what is basically the modern day Fen Phen. There are some side effects so I'm still thinking about it. I'm going to talk to my nutritionist about it. I'm going to research it a bit more. We spent a lot of time talking about it and what to watch for so I do feel educated. I also wouldn't take it longer than 6 months and I go to see her in 4 instead of the normal 6 months for a follow-up.

Edited to add: I did start the meds this weekend. The only side effect I've experienced is the slightly cracked out feeling, but it usually goes away. Glad I don't have the mild insomnia!


  1. I totally understand. Weight has been an absolute battle for me since having Lizzy. I haven't joined Weight Watchers because I'm afraid I'll experience the same thing that you did--following the plan, and hardly losing anything.

    My parents had always been unsuccessful with WW, but did have great success with The Balanced Weigh, which I think their doctors recommended. I'd like to try that too, but I'm not sure it's totally realistic.

  2. A slightly cracked out feeling might be enjoyable. And cheaper than crack is a plus. Just kidding, I have struggled with my weight my whole life. Right now I think I need to lose about 70. Gah. I just love to eat so much. I lost a bunch on weight watchers and love them but I can't afford them right now.
    Best of luck to you@!


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