Friday, December 10, 2010

This Weekend

Tomorrow my mom is doing flowers for a wedding. The wedding is going to be filmed for a show. I don't know all the rules associated with this show so I won't say which on here, but it's one that airs on a certain channel that has all you favorite country music singers.

All I can say is that I wish I could go. Most of the flowers are fake so my mom didn't need my help with this one. To give you a sneak peek though I'll tell you some of the details my mom shared with me.

The couple goes rock crawling which involves taking big monster looking trucks up on rocky cliffs. They're actually getting married on a cliff and then will depart doing some rock crawling. This is one of the reasons they got picked for the show.

The guys are all wearing overalls.

Earlier this week they filmed a scene where the groom was making an ice sculpture, got mad that it looked ugly, and took his gun to it.

They also filmed the guys making a beer shooter. I've never heard of one and when I asked my mom she said she was too scared to ask. I think it may be a beer bong/funnel, John thinks it's more like a potato gun. Google couldn't tell me either.

The bride gave the groom his wedding gift. It was a stripper pole made out of two tractor wheels and a pole.

The bride's mom isn't coming to the wedding because of all this. Having been through something similar I almost don't blame her.

Unrelated to the show, but I'm sure they're eating it up, the groom was driving home the other night on a very dark country road. He hit a horse. The horse died and he's got a giant bump on his head and a concussion. Plus, being a man, he won't go to the hospital.

Should be an interesting day! This episode is supposed to be the season premier in January. I'll let you know when it airs in case you want to tune in.


  1. You are just on ALL the wedding shows!!! Sounds interesting...I think we've seen an episode and Matt always says, "We should have done that!" and I always tell him, "Then we wouldn't have gotten married!"


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