Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Turkey Debate

So, I had a little turkey dilemma last night and I would like to see what the internets has to say about it.

Here are the facts:

I bought a fully frozen turkey last Sunday, the 13th. Well over a week ago.

I put the turkey in the fridge meaning to make room for it in the freezer and forgot about it.

I didn’t realize I had done this until last night when I went to pull the ham from the freezer.

It’s a 10 pound turkey which usually takes about 3 days to defrost in my fridge.

The turkey was still packaged, wrapped in a grocery bag in the back of the fridge.

This fridge is the garage fridge and doesn’t get as much use as the main fridge.

On the advice of others I opened the turkey to smell it.

It smelled like turkey.

It wasn’t slimy.

It looked like a raw turkey aside from the top which was the part that was sitting in the juices. This part was slightly darker than the rest of the turkey which was still whitish pink.

The dogs seemed very interested in the turkey while it was sitting in the sink.

The turkey was still very cold, but not frozen.

I would be serving this turkey to my mother in law on Thanksgiving.

I got the turkey for free since I bought the ham. It was a special going on at the grocery store.

Now, I consulted many a people on what to do with this turkey:

Julie, my domestic goddess of a friend, said “yes! Use the turkey!” She has also given herself food poisoning twice, but would like me to mention the second time was very mild. She later started to question her answer after I opened the turkey and gave her more facts.

I then called my mother who asked my grandpa, the man who is always in charge of the turkey. Grandpa gave a big fat “Hell No.” Well, not the Hell part. I think it’d be pretty freaking awesome to have him say Hell No though. Or even a Hells to the No. That’d be even better.

Mom was unsure. When I asked her if she would come to my Thanksgiving and eat my turkey she refused to answer and said I should think of buying a turkey right then so it’d be defrosted in time.

The whole time I was debating about what to do with the turkey I thought, “what would John say?” He’d say, “Julie’s given herself food poisoning twice, don’t listen to her!” and his favorite, “when in doubt, throw it out.” When asked, John said none of these things and said to use the turkey.

I then pointed out that I was leaning towards the No side and that I thought he’d be happy that I was actually make the conscious decision to NOT poison his mother. He said, “Use the turkey.”

Julie later suggested that I cook the turkey immediately and see what happens.

Then I called my lovely sister in law who is also a domestic goddess. She also said to use the turkey. Rinse well and probably cook that night, have John cook it the next day, and either reheat or have a ton of leftovers in the case that I bought a second turkey. I reminded her that the turkey was going to be eaten by her mother and she said, “use the turkey, rinse well. You didn’t get a jump back ewww reaction when you smelled it so it’s ok. I’d cook it tonight or tomorrow though.”

I consulted Google. Google said to use within 1-2 days from defrosting (so like 5 days BEFORE I discovered a fully defrosted pushing two weeks old turkey in my fridge). I almost called the Butterball Hotline to see what’d they say but didn’t. That was also a suggestion from my mother.

I then texted my old coworker. She said, “Use it! Rinse well, season well, the USDA is a bunch of Nervous Nellies!”

So according to my trusted friends and family we’re at 2 Nos, 2 Rinse well and cook now and 1 rinse well cook day of.

What would you do with the turkey my dear blogger friends?

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I’ll let you know what I did/am doing tonight.

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  1. It's not like you left it in the beach in the sun-use it!!! If they don't like it then they can eat ham. I mean a poor little turkey got killed so you could enjoy him on Thanksgiving Day, you don't want his death to be in vain, do ya? ;)


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