Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's supposed to get to 84 degrees today in San Antonio. Can you believe that? 84 degrees in November.

John and I had a lengthy discussion the other night about the best way to make a pee filled water balloon. I decided using a water gun would be a better option than a balloon.

Please don't ask how we got onto that topic.

Is anyone just slightly sad that Prince William is getting married? Not like any of us would have had the opportunity to meet him, make him fall in love with us and become an official princess and maybe then queen, but now it will never actually happen. Plus it doesn't help that Kate Middleton is so pretty and seems so nice it's really hard to be jealous of her.

Speaking of teenage girl wishes, who else is freaking excited about NKOTBSB? The 13 year old girl in me is dying to go see them. It will be awesome.

I still can't believe Thanksgiving is this week. John will attest to the ten thousand piles of crap that I need to get done around the house. It's completely overwhelming. I haven't even given Christmas a second thought aside from cursing all the people that have their lights up already. Freaking over achievers.


  1. 84 degrees?! It was a snow day here!

  2. Yep. It's currently 80. I think it's totally f'd up.

  3. Lower 80's in the RGV. Its awful! Really makes it hard to believe it's the end of November :(


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