Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's card season

Oh yes, it's that time of year again. Time for Christmas cards. We do a photo card pretty much every year except the year that I gave in and did avatars of us. Hey, those were a huge hit! I've taken semi-decent pictures of the dogs, but this year, a good picture of John and I is causing the trouble. I have a lot of great pictures of me and a lot of John, but no great picture of the two of us together really.

Determined to find a cute card/layout to take away from a crap picture of the two of us, I checked out Shutterfly this year. Oh my do they have about 800 million Christmas card and Holiday card options to choose from. I don't ever remember having so many options! PLUS they also offer invitations which is something I never knew. Perfect for an upcoming Christmas or New Year party.

This is kind of my favorite one of the bunch. I can get all the dogs in here and a picture of the two of us.

These both allow for a few more pictures. 3 of the dogs, one good one of each of us and then an ok one of me and John together maybe? I kind of like the initial option in the first one as well.

These are both cute, but would require a good shot of John and I. (Can you tell I'm kind of digging the black and white photos this year?)

Finally, as a last resort, I may send out just pictures of the dogs and write cute little made up stories about each of them. Don't be surprised if you get a card with just pictures of my dogs on it. It may just happen.

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