Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend I finally got John to take me to see Eat Pray Love. It was ok. I liked the first half more than the second.

We also saw the Social Network which was interesting.

I steam cleaned the carpet in the bedroom. It always grosses me out, but nothing beats a clean carpet.

I baked pumpkin cream cheese muffins last night and I think I could eat every last one of them.

John also baked. He made a ice cream cake roll. (There's a lot of ways to make it, this is how John did. Just don't use wax paper like the recipe says. Use parchment.)

I did a Body Flow class on Saturday. It's a combo of Thai Chi, Pilates and Yoga. My body still hasn't forgiven me for it.

I start a Pilates Reformer class on Wednesday. I may just die from it.

I got my hair cut on Saturday and I hate it. It's too short and a bit uneven (confirmed by my coworkers so it's not all in my head). That's what I get for cheating on my regular stylist.

I leave for New Orleans on Thursday. I think John's excited about all the video game time he's going to get in.

If you were going to New Orleans would you do a ghost, vampire or voodoo tour?


  1. Post recipes please! My vote is voodoo. I'm leaving for the weekend too and Matt is excited about all the hunting time he'll have.

  2. I'll link to the recipes soon. I wrote this post on my phone.


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