Friday, October 22, 2010

My Painfully Embarrassing Car Story

Why is this so mortifying to me you might ask? I can fix stuff on cars. I drove a beater all through college. I changed my thermostat in an Auto Zone parking lot on my way to Indiana. I've changed spark plugs & wires, the distributor and an alternator. I could probably do my brakes if I wanted to. I've helped many a friend with battery problems by simply pouring a can of coke on corroded connectors. If I can't figure it out, my brother or my dad can. I know enough to know when I'm getting screwed on repairs and I will totally play the cute girl card to see what I can get. Sorry guys, you can be stupid too and I'll take advantage of it sometimes.

So all week, my car has been starting funny. It starts, but it just wants to take a really long time. I just hoped it would go away.

Well this morning it wouldn't start. The engine was turning over, it was doing all the grumbling engine noises, but wouldn't catch. I did what I always do in this situation and called my dad. I try to start it with him on the phone and we both agree, not the battery since everything is turning on and the engine is turning over. I break down and call the repair shop and then a tow truck.

The tow truck shows up and it's this pretty good looking younger guy. I tell him what's going on he tries to start it and it makes the clicking battery is dead sound. I look at my car like it's a traitor! He suggests we try to jump it and so we do. And it starts. And I wanted to die right then and there. I even try to defend myself by saying that it made none of the battery is dead type sounds or symptoms. He then tells me that my battery is low on water, that it's an old style battery and that I should replace it. (Water in a battery? That's a new one to me). Then he tells me that he won't change me the full price for the tow, but that it's going to be $45.

That's right. I paid $45 for something I could have asked my neighbor to do for free.

So I leave the car running for awhile and then head out to get a new battery. I call my dad to catch him up and while I'm telling him my story I notice I have a CHUNK of peanut butter on my face. Like, I could have scraped it off and had a snack, type chunk of peanut butter. There may or may not have actually been a peanut in it.

I tell my dad and he's peeing in his pants type laughing at me saying, "haha, I better remember this one cause it's gonna be a good story round Christmas time." I say, "No wonder he charged me! I probably looked like a dork with peanut butter hanging off my face trying to look all cute. He's probably thinking what a stupid girl, doesn't even know that her battery is dead, called a tow truck for a jump and has peanut butter all over her face."



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