Thursday, October 07, 2010

Celebrity Sightings and an Early Birthday

John's birthday is at the end of the month, but his birthday present came a little early.

On Sunday we headed out to see Daniel Tosh, host of the Comedy Central show Tosh.0.


If you haven't seen his show he basically brings you the best of the web each night and makes fun of people while doing it. He's crude and my 13 year old boy sense of humor loves him. John's also a big fan that started watching the show first. So when a friend said she had tickets we originally said no because of the price, well, I should say the tickets were priced low, it was the additional Ticket Master fees that made them a bit high. Then I remembered that it was in October, which is John's birthday month and a birthday present justified the expense. So I kept the show a secret from him until I realized that the show was a week away and I should probably let him know about it!

We headed to dinner with our group at Acenar, a restaurant on the River Walk next to the Majestic. While we're eating a large group comes in and John asks, "Is that Shakira?" I turn around and see the back of a TEENY TINY blond girl and tell him "No way. Shakira is not that tiny. She's got more curves to her than that." Turns out, it was actually Shakira! She was eating at a table just a few away from ours. It was crazy and I still can't believe that John was right. She was very low key and no one bothered her that we saw. Neither did we so we've got no pictures of our celebrity sighting.

John and Deanna are ready for Tosh!


The show was great. There were two other comics that opened the show. I don't remember their names and didn't know who they were. The first was funny and the second was all right. Tosh did an hour show that was really great. (We weren't allowed to take pictures and the theater employees were doing a really good job at making sure people didn't take any). I enjoyed it, and so did John and the rest of our group. I will say for me, he's a bit funnier on TV, but I think it's because the videos also supplement his comedy.

I think the biggest shocker of the show were the number of kids in the audience. There was a group by us while we were waiting to get in that really couldn't have been older than 12. NO WAY would I let a kid that age into a show like this! All of the comedians were crude, there were several (not a ton) F bombs dropped as well as the "C" word. Plus there's no way that they could have understood the humor. A lot of it had to be over their heads. Poor judgement from their parents.

I asked John if he had anything he wanted to say about the show and his response was, "All I have to say is that you'll catch more flies with honey, but you catch more hunnies when you're fly." Which is actually a quote from the 2nd comic that I didn't like as much.

Now he's making me laugh by telling one of Tosh's jokes about the hotness of a baby that would be made if David Beckham and Brad Pitt could have a baby. It'd be one damn fine baby.

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  1. Wow! That sounds like an exact birthday and a great evening out. I say you get two thumbs up as an awesome wife birthday gift giver!


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