Friday, September 17, 2010


That's kind of how I feel. I've been on and off all week with feeling better or feeling like I'm getting sick again.

Ugh also plays into this blog. I have a TON I could write about and should write about, but just haven't had the energy to do so. Don't be surprised if John starts popping up on here more. Anytime you're ready babe!

Work has been going great. I really truly love my new job and have some fantastic coworkers. My days are pretty routine, but I've yet to get bored with it. One of my jobs is doing all the background checks and I love it. I love that whole, "I totally know what you did last summer" part of it. Ha! I'm also busy every second that I'm there. Two days a week I help with payroll and those days I usually end up working late, especially if it's an actual payday week. In my last job you couldn't pay me enough to work late - unless it was the day that I packed up my office. Now, I don't mind in the least. I get to adjust my hours for the rest of the week and that's a great reward. Leaving early on a Friday, hell yeah! I'm still learning a ton of stuff and still have a lot that needs to be passed over to me. John came by today to have lunch and I showed him off. It was so great to hear my coworkers gush over me and tell him that he's not allowed to take me away from them. It's something I hear from them regularly and from my boss. Guys - it's so great to have that feeling of appreciation and to know that you're an essential part of the team. It's something that my boss is really great about doing. Sometimes it's those little things that really make a difference.

Being busy at work has left me more exhuasted during the evenings. I'm getting home later and so is John. There really is less time in the evenings now. Plus I'm not able (as if I'd have the time) to keep up with all my online reading. I usually just breeze through on google reader, but I'm not able to leave comments. I have to remember to go back and visit when I get home and that doesn't always happen. So if you don't see me popping up as often I apologize, but trust me I'm still here. It just makes my comments that much more special. :) As always comments are greatly appreciated here and I do check during lunch on my phone!

Aside from the blog other things have been neglected. I hardly cook anymore. Maybe about twice a week? That's sad. I need to start doing more crockpot meals or take a weekend to freeze some stuff again. We eat a lot of left overs around here.

I've also neglected my friendships some. It's sad when you have to find out about a friends' life over Twitter. Plus I don't have time for Twitter, so I generally don't know what's going on unless I find the time to check it again at night and as I just wrote, that doesn't always happen.

My coworker and I also have our first weigh in tomorrow for our own Biggest Loser contest. We've agreed to not share our weights, only our losses. I need to start eating better and use that city wide gym membership that my job comes with. It's sad that I've walked through a gym every day since August 2nd and have yet to use it. Real sad. Even sadder when your job is extremely flexible with you fitting in your workout whenever you want.

Know what's also sad? Shopping for a sports bra when you have giant boobs. Yeah. Not fun. These girls need some support and pretty much no one ever has my size.

That's kind of my randomness for you: Still kind of sick kind of not, job is going great, but keeping me busy which equals a tired Faith that is neglecting several areas of her life and she can't find a sports bra that fits. Hmmm....probably sounds like each of you doesn't it? Well, aside from the bra part.

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  1. Girl, I have the same sports bra issue! I can't find them anywhere. Sometimes I double up for extra strength! Hope you get to feeling better and catch up with everything soon!


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