Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Old Skool

Did anyone have an Alphie when they were kids?

I LOVED mine! In fact I'm pretty sure he's still hanging around somewhere in my parents' storage because I can remember having him in High School. (Yes I'm one of those people that keeps EVERYTHING. You should see the tub of My Little Ponies in my garage.)

Well Playskool has given Alphie a make over and he's now back on the market.

I think the 80s version looks like it did more stuff and I doubt he was $40 back in the day, but it's kind of cool to see something being remade.

If they come out with a My Buddy or a Kid Sister I may just die though.

What were some of your favorite toys as a kid? Would you want them to be remade?


  1. Ahh!!! Now you have the My Buddy/Kid Sister song stuck in my head!

  2. Brings back memories! I always wanted one, but I never had one. My faves were the Barbie (brown hair of course), rub a dub dog (still have it!) and the ugly fisher price plastic kitchen.

    When I google 80's toys, I can spend hours looking!

  3. I loved Tinker Toys! Those were definitely my favourite. I didn't have an Alphie. :(

  4. haha that is hilarious! i forgot about that thing! loved him! and yeah, ours definitely looks much cooler.


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