Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Have you heard of Pop Chips?

I am a chip lover, but I'm also one that could eat the entire bag if you let me so I generally try to stay away. Or I portion them out on a plate. I'm always left wanting more though.

With these though you cut out a lot of calories and a ton of the fat because they're popped. They're put under pressure and aren't fried or baked. You get a ton of flavor and a healthier option.

I've had the original, which were ok. Not great. The salt & pepper were pretty good, I had meant to buy salt & vinegar. The BBQ though? Those are off the hook and I usually HATE BBQ flavored chips.

The bags I've seen at Whole Foods (the site also says Target, but I've never looked) are kind of smallish, maybe 2 servings in a bag. You can get a regular sized bag at Costco though which is where I buy mine. I think my store only has 2 flavors though.

Next time you need some chips you should try them out!

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  1. I'm SO the same way with chips. Yesterday I was off work so I took a handful of Pringles to the living room, ate them, wanted more so then I got up and got some more. Seriously!?! Those things are just so addicting. Thanks for the rec.


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