Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This Weekend

I worked Saturday morning to get my CPR, AED and First Aid certifications for work and then headed over to my niece's 10th birthday party.


I encountered John's brother Matt on my way in and he jokingly told me he was feeling faint and wondered if I would now be able to save him. I replied that most likely I'd give him a couple of kicks before going into the house and telling his wife that he's passed out on the lawn. I'm a great sister in law like that. :)

Sunday we went to Karl's lacrosse game (none of those pictured are Karl)


The ice cream man came by.

As the ice cream truck pulled away someone asked John what the truck said. His VERY loose translation: "We all yell together for peace without borders. The children are our hope, we will not harm them." Who knew ice cream trucks also carried political statements?

I went old school and got a Pink Panther from the ice cream man



and got John a Bomb Pop. I took a picture of him and the Bomb Pop, but he refused to let me post it saying that he resembled a member of the Munster family.

Karl's switching over to indoor lacrosse, which sounds much better to me. It's actually in the same place that John plays hockey so maybe I'll be able to knock both games out at the same time!

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend to me! Yummy to the ice cream truck man and I thought the trucks always just said, "We all scream for ice cream!" Who knew they were really screaming for peace!?


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