Monday, August 23, 2010

Spoke Too Soon

The day I posted about my garden I went out to check on the plants (the pictures were already over a week old by now) and one of my cucumber plants looked really sad and pathetic. The other still looked great so I wasn't sure what the problem was. A closer inspection showed me this:


Aphids, ants (who actually take care of the aphids and encourage them to come hang out) and what looks like whiteflies. I didn't notice the whiteflies until I uploaded the pictures to my computer.

I also have these tiny little worms in a couple of places.


I think they might be cabbage loopers, but I'm not quite sure.

A spray with neem oil over the weekend has pretty much knocked them all out. The sad plant is still sad looking though. I sprayed again today since there were some that remained and what looked like a new crop of aphids showing up. Since the ants take care of them I need to do something about the ants next. I almost think I'm destined to never grow cucumbers.

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  1. We have a TON of cucumbers at our house and we're not even growing them! Everyone that is, keeps sending them our way. If you were closer, you could come take a few from us. I think we're about full on all our pickles now.


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