Monday, August 30, 2010

Recipe Blast From the Past

This one was another Man vs Food inspiration. On a recent show Adam was in Indianapolis and had a pork tenderlion sandwich. In high school we worked concessions to raise money for our band trips at a local race park and the most popular item sold were pork tenderloin sandwiches. I hadn't given the sandwiches much thought as they had been replaced by things like chicken on a stick, but as soon as I saw Adam eating one I had to have one!

The recipe was fairly simple. Take two pork chops and pound them thin.


Pour enough olive oil into a pan to cover it completely and turn it onto medium high.

Combine Panko crumbs, salt, pepper and garlic on a plate. Dip pork into an egg and milk mixture and then cover in the crumb mixture. Add to the hot pan and cook about 3-4 minutes per side.


Keep the toppings fairly simple unless you have some nacho cheese handy. We topped ours with a bit of mayo, (use the real thing) a bit of mustard and a few pickles.


These were amazing! While they weren't quite how I remembered them (as in deep fried) they were just as good. This will probably become a regular menu item at our house.

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