Monday, August 09, 2010

First Week

I started the new job last week and I'm loving it so much. My new boss and I share a love of travel and photography and another coworker and I are in a competition to find a restaurant that the other has yet to try. I have one more coworker that I have only met during the interview process that I will get to work with next week since she's been out on vacation. Plus I work with an old classmate from college so it's nice to have a friend around.

My new office pretty much kicks my old office's ass in meat locker temperature status. I'm switching offices next week with the coworker with a warmer office. It will also get me away from the wall that I share with the daycare, but it won't help that much since the walls are paper thin. It was a TON of fun the other day trying to work while a kid was having a complete meltdown.

I spent most of my week visiting the majority of our locations. My new company is a large nonprofit with several locations throughout the Greater San Antonio area. It was great to go out and visit each location, meet the employees, learn the personality of each one and to hear the stories about what that location means to the community that it serves. In fact, I almost cried on my first day from one story.

Otherwise I spent the rest of my time learning probably half of my responsibilities. At one point I did get a bit overwhelmed. I really just need to get a routine down, which I know I will. Besides, it's good because that means I won't be bored out of my mind in 3 months!


  1. That's so great! I'm so glad to hear you like it!

  2. Yay! It sounds like it's going well! I'm so glad you're loving it and how nice to have a boss and co-workers who share your passions!

  3. Glad it's going great! Now you know what my life is like 10 weeks out of the summer plus morning when I get called to meltdowns, mainly by kids but sometimes by me! Hope you like the new office.

  4. So glad the new job is going great! Isn't it nice to have things work out the way you always hoped they would?


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