Thursday, August 26, 2010

Favorite Apps

John will still ask sometimes if I love my new phone or if I'd switch back to the Blackberry. I'd honestly still go back to the Blackberry if given the choice, but am enjoying some of the features on my Droid. A few of my favorite apps so far:

TweetCaster: I use it to update my Twitter account. I love that it gives me the option of just looking at my lists. This way I can just check out the people or categories I want rather than scrolling through my entire feed.

Places/Maps/Navigator - all these came on my phone and I can't tell a big difference between them really. They all will show my location and allow me to search for something nearby. Like today when the shoe repair place I had looked up earlier in the day turned out to be closed on Mondays, I was able to find one just down the road that was open.

Bump - I've used this quite a bit actually and it works between Droids and iPhones. Want someone's contact info? How about sharing an app? Just use Bump and you can send over whatever you choose to another person.

TaskKiller - For managing the 80 million apps that like to turn themselves on at various times.

Where's My Droid - This app will let you text message your phone and it will ring for up to 5 minutes for those times when you misplaced it and it's on vibrate. It will also help you locate your phone by GPS in case it gets stolen or left behind somewhere (and then probably stolen).

This isn't really an app, but I love that I was able to download my Blackberry ringtone and alarm sound to my phone. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit.

Google Sky Map - it's just a cool thing. It'll show you whatever constellations are in the sky above you.

PicSay - lets you edit a photo on your phone. You can add word balloons or stickers, text, or correct exposure, contrast and brightness.

Calendar - again it came with the phone and it took two of my IT guys at work (well, really 1 if I had just asked the right one in the first place) to get it to sync with my Outlook. It will also sync wirelessly which is pretty cool. I love that I can have my work calendar, my Google Calendar (if I had one), my personal phone calender and any other calendar I want to add right on my phone. Plus I can put in the location of an event and automatically have the navigator come up to get me there. Awesome.


  1. Be thankful that you have a phone that does that stuff...hubs INSISTS on having Nextels so our only fun thing is walkie-talkie which is a total buzzkill!

  2. I haven't figured out a calendar that I like on the Droid. The Google cal seems confusing to me! I do love the app because it's much better than the default one that came on the phone. I also love Fast Food app that tells you all of the closest chain restaurants nearby.


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