Friday, August 27, 2010

Conversations with John

John: I'd really like you to be on my Fantasy Football Team with me.
Me: Nope. There's no way.
J: I promise not to get mad at you.
Me: *Laughing* Yeah, but I can't make that same promise.
J: So you're saying that not being on the same Fantasy Football Team will probably save us from 2 years of marriage counseling?
Me: Yes. Yes it will.


  1. haha, my hubs fantasy conversation went more like this:
    hubs: please please please be in our fantasy football team league! we need one more person.
    me: ok, sounds fun, i'll go set it up!
    hubs: yay!
    (3 hours later)
    hubs: uh, can i please delete you? we found another guy who wants to play and we need an even number of teams.


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