Saturday, July 03, 2010

Thank You

I posted a comment on my last post and wanted to thank everyone for their comments here in an actual post.

Basically an update on the work situation. I'm currently onto my 3rd position with the store. It's pretty common to move around a bit. My 2nd position was the one that I really enjoyed and came with a fantastic schedule. This 3rd one is less hours, with crappier in and out times, but you know what? I'm working. I have a job. Someone is paying me to come in during those somewhat crappy hours and for that, I am grateful. Does this mean that I have to work more at another job? Yes. Does this mean I'm going to be home less? Yes. Does this mean I'll spend less time with John? Yes. Does this mean I'm going to be tired and cranky and at times I'll need to vent on here? Hell yes. For those that know me and understand me and that need to come on here and vent every now and then, thank you. Thanks for listening and offering support. You're all appreciated very very much.

I am still looking for another job. A great thing about the newer hours, I am free all day to interview and that's fantastic. I do have an interview on Wednesday actually (yay!) with a great company. I also applied for a position where I used to work and would love to get a call back from there as well. I've had a lot of people send me positions recently (how I landed Wednesday's interview) and I really appreciate that. Things are starting to look up again on the job front and I'm excited about that.

Thanks again for letting me have a bad day everyone. I try to keep it real around here and not everything can be puppies, sunshine and rainbows.

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  1. Girl, we all have bad days and sometimes just need to get them out of our minds by putting it in blogland. Good luck with everything!!!


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