Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. What is the worst movie you have ever seen?
Probably Miracle at St. Anna. Longest movie EVER and we couldn't exactly figure out what the heck the Miracle was. Also Funny People. It was so not funny. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep in the theater and ever time I woke up I'd ask John, "is this movie ever going to end?" Oh and Twilight. That is two hours of my life I will never get back.

2. Do you have a favorite Disney/Pixar film?
Ummm.....every one they've ever made? Wall-E and Up are probably up there as is Toy Story....yeah. All of them.

3. Do you have a favorite movie from the 80′s?
Goonies. Hands down. Followed by Labyrinth

4. Are there any movies you saw more than once in the theater?
I think I saw Titanic 6 times. I also saw the Truman Show a couple of times. I'm sure there were a few others, but those are the ones that stick out.

5. What is one city/area of the US (or country you live if you do not live in the US) that you have not seen but would like to see?
New York and San Francisco

6. What are your favorite toppings on an Ice Cream Sundae?
Hot Fudge, Caramel, Whipped Cream, crushed peanuts, and a cherry.

7. How many proms did you go to? What color was your prom dress? If you went to multiple proms, what color was your favorite prom dress?
At my first high school we had Junior and Senior prom and I went (with the prom king thank you very much) as a sophomore. Then I moved and my new high school only had a Senior Prom so I went again as a Senior. My favorite dress was the one from my Senior prom. I looked HOT in that dress.

8. Is there a sport or extra-curricular activity that you didn’t get to try as a child that you wish you would have? (e.g. gymnastics, piano lessons, ballet, etc.)
I don't think so. I took summer gym in high school so I pretty much got to try every sport out there. I always wanted to be a gymnast, but was too tall and have no coordination what so ever.

9. How many siblings do you have? Are you the oldest, middle, or youngest?
I have 3 brothers, one is a half. I'm in the middle of my 2 regular brothers and am 3rd when you count all four of us.

10. Do you feel like you fit in with your age group? Or do you feel younger/older than your age group?
I think I've always been a bit older, but pretty much fit in (although as I'm writing this all I can think is that pretty much all of my friends are a year or more younger than me). I also have several older friends so I think it helps to keep my balanced. Although I really wonder how old teenagers think I must be. I'm going to have to find one to ask.


  1. I am LOLing that you saw Titanic six times in the theater! Holy cow!

  2. I went my junior year to the senior only prom with the prom king too! Faith-we're both just THAT cool!


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