Monday, July 19, 2010

Overgrown Jungle

That title pretty sums up what my garden currently looks like.


My tomato plants are absolutely out of control.


I've resorted to tying them to one another and then tying some of the cages to the chicken wire to keep them upright. It also helps to give the bell pepper plants some breathing room. Next year maybe I'll space them out more? I don't really know. They never got like this in containers so I guess everything grows better when it's in the ground!

They're covered in fruit, but are taking forever to turn red.


The few that I have harvested have ripened unevenly and are covered in spots. Not sure of the cause.


I've also had a TON of hornworms pop up on the tomato plants. I swear that I have had more bugs with the in ground garden than I EVER had in the containers. The only things I got in containers were whiteflies and spidermites. These suckers can take out a whole plant in a few days if you don't catch them.



I just happened to see the second one on there. They blend in so well that it can be hard to catch them. Usually you find their poop which is kind of massive for a caterpillar. These two are the smallest ones I have found so far. I've had a couple that have been 4 inches or more in length. Plus the bigger ones put up more of a fight and can hold on to the plants better. It sucks peeling them off, especially when you hate bugs of every kind! Ew!

I repotted this tomato plant and need to get it caged before it gets too big.


I had to take the pot from my basil plant and it's not too happy with me for doing that.


It's ok. I'm kind of tired of that basil plant. It's gotten tall and leggy. I've had it for 2 years now (I kept it indoors for awhile).

My marigolds are still in a height competition with the tomato plants.



My store bought bell pepper plant is the only one with a pepper on it (well not anymore since I used it in fajitas yesterday)


the ones I started from seeds are still on the small side though.


The jalapenos are both growing like crazy.



I still can't figure out why one plant grows green peppers and one grows yellow ones.

My green beans have become sad little plants and food for the pill bugs.


Next year I'm definitely planting more than I did. Probably 4 or more squares of them.

The squash and zucchini plants are still going strong. They've kid of started dying off on one end, but continue to grow on the other. I'm thankfully not harvesting as much as I once was.



My lettuce plants are finally going insane. (These pictures are from the 12th and today on the 18th the plants are HUGE)


I'm surprised they haven't bolted in the heat yet.

So there's your garden update! It makes me a bit jealous to hear of the harvest some of you are getting up north. Yeah, mine was in the ground months before yours, but the heat quickly sets in and slows the harvest. I figure I'll be going into keeping the plants alive very soon and won't see much going on fruit and veggie wise until about September.


  1. I am pretty sure that our lettuce is THISCLOSE to bolting. I am going to eat it anyway--bitter or not though.

    I am jealous of your green bell pepper!

  2. I'm with Mer and TOTALLY jealous of your green pepper. Our tomatoes plants are out of control too.

  3. I'm completely impressed with your garden! I wish I was better at growing things. I have a tomato plant, but now it's dying - I don't know what I did wrong . . .


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