Thursday, July 22, 2010


My closet has been a mess for awhile now and was in desperate need of a good clean out and so reorganizing. I'm usually pretty good at pulling a few things every now and then that I don't wear and taking them to Goodwill, but this time my closet needed to be purged. The state of my closet was this:



Minus a stack of jeans I had already pulled out and three of the pants hangers.

The floor was a mess of shoes, random bags, clothing (usually there is more clothing on the floor - clean clothes by the way) and belts.


I headed over to Target and bought a ton of plastic bins of various sizes to store some of my things in and then it was time to purge.

I pulled out 17 pairs of jeans and 21 pairs of dress pants that no longer fit.

That's 38 pairs of pants I had in my closet that I cannot currently wear.

That's ridiculous!

I made several piles. I had a pile of pants and skirts that fit and can zip up, but are a bit snug. I call them 5 pound pants. I figure 5 pounds is a reasonable amount of weight that one can lose and those pants should stay. (I also hung on to a few 10 pound pants that are nice pants that I still can't let myself get rid of). All other clothes went either to a Goodwill pile or to a Consignment Shop pile.

I got rid of a lot of clothes I've been hanging onto for awhile. Stuff that I love like this skirt.


This was my very first Express purchase and I bought it in HIGH SCHOOL. I haven't been able to fit into that skirt since freshman year of college. I have no business hanging on to the skirt still.

I love this American Eagle Sweater, but it's too short now. I haven't worn it in about 5 years.


I bought this sweater 2 years ago and have never worn it. I look at it now and wonder what I was thinking. I bet the Emo girl next door might like it.


This is another skirt I've had for about 10 years. Yes, it's stretchy and still fits, but trust me, I should not be wearing this skirt with my thighs. Bad news.


This skirt is a size 8. I usually have to buy skirts 1 size bigger and I cannot even remember the last time I was a size 6. We're talking high school again.


I bought these suits in college and thought I was hot stuff. They're stretch with jackets so long they cover your backside. I have them in black and grey.



This dress I wore on my honeymoon. I couldn't fit into it now if my life depended on it and I never really liked it, but I WORE IT ON MY HONEYMOON so I must keep it right? Not anymore.


This shirt I bought from H&M while I was on a trip to Chicago. I have a green one that's similar but has a neckline that doesn't show off all my cleavage so it gets worn a lot more. I think I've only worn this shirt 3 times in the 2 years that I've had it, but it's H&M and we don't have an H&M here and I love H&M so I must keep it right?


This shirt I bought while on a trip to Boston in college. It's from a store called Tall Girl and at the time I remember being so excited walking into that store and having nothing but extended length clothing all around me. I haven't worn this shirt in probably 6 years now, but have been hanging onto it because of that shopping trip.


I filled this tote with jeans, a few skirts and the couple of 10 pound pants I kept.


Under the bed I've hidden away the sweaters I've kept and my gym clothes.


I also cleaned out a trash bag full of clothes to go to Goodwill and several pairs of shoes.


After all the cleaning out my closet turned into this:


I reorganized my shoes so that the ones I use most often are more accessible (they used to be on the bottom of the rack).


Moving the giant pile of jeans that no longer fit freed up so space to put my shorter boots up top.


The little pile of white clothes will soon be gone since I won't be waiting tables anymore.

These totes I filled with purses and kept out the ones I currently have in rotation. The others have my tall boots in them and the 5 pound dress pants.


My closet is still full, but it's less packed than it once was.


One day I'll be able to tackle my old clubbing shirts....



  1. I have become totally addicted to purging my closet ever since I realized that the consignment shop where my sister works will give CASH for clothes! It is fantastic!

  2. Wow girl! You did some great work. Cute clothes too!

  3. Wowee! Very impressive clean out! I have the same problem, I have a lot of clothes from highschool! Clubbing shirts that I do no wear, mini skirts that have not seen the light of day in YEARS....and this is stilla fter I've done a major closet clean out! Right now, I figure one thing in, one thing out...

  4. Nice job organizing! It must feel good to get such a big task done to make your life easier! I'm such a pack rat and I still have a ton of my high school and college clothes in boxes in the basement. I guess I hope one day they come back into style!


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