Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I Need Help

So I have my 10 Year High School Reunion coming up very soon. It's cocktail attire and being held at the House of Blues. I've got two different dress options. I can't decide and John's being no help since he likes them both.

This one is one that I've had for awhile and wore to a wedding about 2 years ago.

Mine has a white band in the center rather than being solid black.

Then I ordered this one the other day from Ann Taylor.

I like them both and they both look cute. Which one screams cocktail dress for a High School Reunion though?


  1. I think one is more cocktail but I LOVE number 2!!! Those cap sleeves are fabulous. Tough choice...

  2. I agree. Looooove number two. If number one didn't have a white band I might change my mind but two with some colorful heels would be so cute.

  3. I like them both! I would pick the one that's more flattering on your body type. If I had to pick, I'd say #2

  4. I think number two with some colorful heels like Lauren suggested.

  5. I vote for the second one! Love, love, love it!! Besides, there's something that makes me feel so much better when I show up somewhere important wearing something new. Or maybe that's just the shopaholic in me talking!

  6. Thanks ladies! I'm kind of feeling the second one and even had the perfect heels to go with it when I tried it on last night.

  7. I think #2 - especially with your current hairstyle. Because I know you were awaiting my fabulous fashion opinion with baited breath . . .


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